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We invite our site visitors to examine the Frequently Asked Questions below as the initial step in resolving your environmental concerns. CEP will continue to add FAQs and Answers as it becomes clear that they are common issues. Use the Environmental Issues Form to bring additional issues to the attention of CEP that you do not find addressed on this site. 

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Chester Environmental Partnership FAQ

How do I contact CEP with a question about an environmental concern in my neighborhood?

There are several ways to use CEP to address your local environmental concerns. The first thing to do is to check the site for the answer to common concerns through the Issues Resolution Matrix chart. Next you can complete and submit the Environmental Issues Form or simply click on Contact CEP for alternate contact methods.

Who do I contact concerning unusual noise in my community?

Contact your local municipality by dialing 9-1-1 to report it.

Does my community have a noise ordinance?

Yes.  Most communities have a noise ordinance.  You can contact your local municipality to find out what the noise ordinance is for your community and to check if the noise you are hearing exceeds the ordinance.

Who do I call about unusual odors in my community?

Call the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection @ 484-250-5991.

What can I do about the dust on my car and my property?

First identify where the dust is coming from.  Then report it to the Streets and Highway Department @ 610-447-7741.

Are there specified hours of operation for truck traffic entering and leaving waste industries?

Yes.  There are specified hours of operation for truck traffic entering and leaving a facility.  Contact the Streets and Highway Department @ 610-447-7741 or the industry directly to find out the hours of operation.

If there is a life-threatening issue in the industries around me, will I be notified in advance to evacuate the area?

Yes.  Your Fire Department and Police Department should have a plan in place for evacuation along with your County Emergency Response Team.

What can be done about the unusual number of rodents in my community?

Contact Animal Control on 610-447-7700.  Most municipalities have a rodent control department that you should contact.

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